Announcing the 2014 NPHC Exhibitor Participation Incentive Program

Please plan to attend the four (4) Nevada Paint Horse Club shows in 2014. Invite your friends and make them horse show road-trip weekends…

In an effort to encourage new exhibitors and additional attendance at the four (4) Nevada Paint Horse Club shows in 2014, the NPHC Board of Directors has officially decided to implement a new show awards program for 2014. Each show will have exhibitor prizes given out on Sunday, culminating in a grand prize drawing at the last show for a saddle. The Bonanza Inn & Casino, NPHC’s new host hotel and 2014 show partner, will sponsor the saddle awarded.

The saddle may be a working saddle. The discussion regarding the specifics of the saddle that will be awarded will take place at the first NPHC members meeting in June. This will allow input from members and exhibitors about what type of saddle we will be awarding at the last show of 2014.

Entries will be given to exhibitors, linked to your horses back number, and based on the number of classes entered up to five (5) tickets. In addition, a bonus ticket will be given to exhibitors who are NPHC members. All of the prizes available at each show will be awarded during the lunch break on Sunday, but you must be present to win. The more you show, the more entries you receive – up to five (5) per show + a bonus ticket for NPHC membership. That’s a possible six (6) chances from each of the four shows – 24 chances to win that saddle at the end of the year.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Roy Bock 775-867-4440 or Sharon Avery 775-867-3154.

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2014 NPHC Exhibitor Participation Incentive Program Flyer

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