Important Reminders … (6/16/18)

We are still looking to see if there are any ropers out there who want/need cows for classes at the show.  If not, we will probably adjust our start time on Saturday morning, but we will notify you if we decide to do that.

PLEASE get your stall reservations and extra shavings needs to Sharon as soon as possible.  If she doesn’t have you on her list by Wednesday, she will probably not buy enough extra shavings to meet your needs, so tell her by Wednesday what your needs are.  Stalls will be bedded by reservations received on Thursday.

NPHC will hold a membership meeting on Saturday June 23 approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the last class of the day.

Anyone who is looking closely at the class list may have noticed that all of that fine print at the bottom of the page is gone.  That rule information will be sent out to everyone shortly, just as soon as I clean up a couple of typos and fix a couple of the class numbers that I missed while typing.  It will be included with the first class list of the year that will be handed out to everyone when they check in.

If you would like to be removed from our email list, have any questions or concerns, or need something that I have forgotten, please feel free to write me.  Have a great weekend, Roy

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