2020 Nevada Paint Horse Club Officers/Directors

Posted on Jan 16 2020

2020 Nevada Paint Horse Club Officers/Directors:

  • President: David Ruby
  • Vice President: Kelly Waugh
  • Treasurer: Sharon Avery
  • Secretary: Roy Bock

Board of Directors:

  • Yolonda Prentice (12/2020)
  • Meredith Biasca (12/2020)
  • Marissa Harned (12/2021)
  • Theresa Spinuzzi (12/2021)

There were approximately 65 ballots mailed with the October NPHC Newsletters. Due to some postal difficulties and lack of deliveries, about five newsletters with ballots had to be re-mailed. Of the 65 ballots, 33 ballots were returned (51%).

We are closing in on the last call for the next NPHC Member Directory. We currently have two paid ads for the 2020 NPHC Membership Directory. It may not be as robust as directories in the past, but we will do as good of a job as we can.