Final 2014 Points – Updated (V4.4)

Hi Everyone, posted are the final version of the points. Take a good look, I will correct any grievous errors, but for the most part they are final. They will change a little as we finish the High Point totals and other awards. When that is done (maybe next Tuesday) I will remove the horses that are not qualified and send out a final points list.

All of the ballots for 2015 NPHC Officers have been mailed. If you think you should have received one and didn’t, please contact me.

Special requests for year end awards are being taken by Sharon and need to be done before November 25th of the awards year. There are no guarantees, but after that, it’s her best guess as to what you would need or want. Call her at 775-867-3154.

It’s time for 2015 NPHC Directory ads. The info is with the ballots or I can email it to you. (Located on the “About Us” page.)

If you have not read or heard about APHA’s new membership requirements for 2015, go take a look. I have it posted a link on our Facebook page and will have Eric post a link on the website. Basically everyone will need an individual membership of some type (Regular/Open, Amat, Novice, Yth, Walk-Trot, etc) PLUS the registered owner of the horse needs to be a current member of APHA. I’m not sure how Carol & I are going to monitor this, but basically, everyone: horse owners and all exhibitors, need to send us a copy of your 2015 membership cards with your entry, so that we have it on file.

Have a great weekend, Roy

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