All-Around Horse:               Spooks Smart Chic (Barbara Hodges)

High Point Stallion:            Spooks Smart Chic (Barbara Hodges)
Reserve:                                 KDK Face It Im Legal (Lee Stock Horses)

High Point Gelding:           IMA Painted Player (Yolonda Prentice)
Reserve:                                Hard To Stop Smoken (Dean Goodfellow)

High Point Mare:                Its All The Rage (Rock)
Reserve:                                Gunninics Missy (Barbara Hodges)

Jr Performance Horse:      Gentlemans Bow Tie (Sue Love)

Sr Performance Horse:     Its All The Rage (Gwen Rock)
Reserve:                               Hard To Stop Smoken (Dean Goodfellow)

High Point Master
Amateur 45 & Over:           Donna Hover (Fancy A Real Lover)
Reserve:                               Yolonda Prentice (IMA Painted Player)

High Point Classic Amateur:       Marissa Harned (Hesa Travlyn Bonanza)

High Point Novice Amateur:       Malia Prentice (IMA Painted Player)
Reserve:                                           Gwen Rock (Its All The Rage)

High Point Adult Am Walk-Trot:   Toni Dalluge (Hour Radical Diva)
Reserve:                                               Ellen Juhl (PDF Art I Zippen Now)

John Fernandez Memorial
Ultimate Open Yearling:        STARLIGHTSATRUDRUMMER (Gary Avery)
Reserve:                                     Scribbles Nic (Gary Avery)

Ultimate Amateur Yearling:  Scribbles Nic (Gary Avery)
Reserve:                                     STARLIGHTSATRUDRUMMER (Gary Avery)

High Point Green Horse:       Fancy A Real Lover (Donna Hover)

High Point Youth 5 – 10:        Isak Carter (MS LUCKY TOMMY)

High Point Youth 18 & Under:   Allison Welling (DOCS CLASSY CHEX)
Reserve:                                          Rachel Anderson (LH FINEST KID)

High Point Novice Youth 18 & U:          Grace Carter (MS LUCKY TOMMY)
Reserve:                                                      Allison Welling (DOCS CLASSY CHEX)

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