NPHC / ENPHC Show Dates

The dates and judges for the 2016 NPHC shows in Fallon, Nevada are:

June 25th  & 26th    Judges: Mat McMillan, Doug Gregory, Grand Gibbs, & replacement judge
July 16th  & 17th     Judges: Dave Denniston, Mark McCarthy, Brad Jones, & Jim Edwards
August 13th & 14th     Judges: Terri Wirthlin, Jeannie Young, Sherry Haynes, and Leigh Ann Skurupy
September 10th & 11th     Judges: April & Casey Devitt 

July is NPHC’s Annual Member/Exhibitor Appreciation Show.

August is the ENPHC/NPHC’s Annual Show.
September is NPHC’s Mandatory Year-end Awards Show.

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