1st Annual NPHC Trail Ride – UPDATE!

Tentative planning continues for the first annual NPHC trail ride.

Plans continue for the ride to be held on September 24th at Washoe Lake State Park, between Reno and Carson City. The time will be announced. The plan is for this to be an APHA recognized event.

Poker hands for prizes will be available as part of the event. Prizes and rules are still under discussion and will be posted when ready.

The plan is for a Steak meal after the ride and you won’t have to ride to eat. The current plan is to ask for a $7.50 – $10.00 donation for the meal. Where can you get a steak for $10?

RESERVATIONS and PAYMENT for the Ride AND for the Meal WILL BE REQUIRED in advance and should be taken care of by the end of the NPHC show in September. Lunch tickets will be available for purchase by those people that are not bringing a horse for the ride, like Roy & Carol 🙂 .

LATE Poker Run/Trail Riders will be accepted, but there may not be a lunch available as we will have already counted the purchased tickets to plan for the meal.

Rachel Anderson has told me that there are overnight spots, campfire rings and facilities for your horses (including an arena).

Please contact Roy with your questions, comments, or any suggestions that you might have. For more information, email rbock@oasisol.com or call Roy at 775-867-4440. You might need to leave a message, but I’ll call you back. Thank you, Roy

Updates will be posted as they are received…
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