REMEMBER Membership/Exhibitor Appreciation Dinner RESERVATIONS

The dinner will be held in August as planned, with a few changes. My understanding is that we are going to have hamburgers and the fixings’, the August membership meeting, and the regular get-together for a great time on Saturday evening.

BUT, Sharon is asking that everyone make ‘reservations’ for dinner with either her or me. SO, please send a message (email, private Facebook message, reply to this post, carrier pigeons, white owls, Pony Express, telegraph, phone call, etc…) to reserve your burger ahead of time, so that we can plan to feed everyone who’s coming. Dinner reservations will also be taken at the show, we are just trying to get a count for food planning ahead of time. The idea being if at four o’clock on Saturday afternoon she needs to go buy more burgers & buns, she has an idea of how many more to get.

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