1st Annual NPHC Trail Ride

Plans continue for the 1st Annual NPHC Trail Ride For Fun.  It is scheduled for September 24th at Washoe Lake State Park at the Equestrian Facility.  NSPYour application with your $10 dollar donation per person for the ride/steak lunch/poker hand is due to me by  September 11th, 2016.  Having you reservation secured at that time will guarantee you lunch after the ride.  If paid by the end of the September show, you know that you will have lunch waiting for you.  All reservations received after that date will be given a lunch ticket in first received/first issued ticket for lunch on an as available basis.  So if you want in on this $10 dollar steak lunch, get in your application in before the deadline.  Grab a horse and come ride.  Remember the more horses and riders, the more fun we will have.

Current plans are for a second poker hand to be available for purchase and a group Poker2horses/people portrait for ‘Historical’ purposes, plus we will send a copy of it to APHA with our ride report.  David, Sharon, and Roy are working on some great prizes to be awarded to the winning poker hands.  Contact any of us for more information.  The phone numbers are included in several of the attachments.

The Information and Applications are located on the “Shows” Page toward the bottom of the page. If you have questions or concerns, please let me know, Roy


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