Just a few reminders for September

For extra Shavings & Hay in September: The one (1) bale of shavings that comes with each stall is covered and not part of this discussion.

Sharon is only planning to buy the extra shavings and hay she needs or has orders for on Thursday morning, September 8th.

If you need or want extra shavings or hay, please PRE-ORDER them before Thursday, September 8th. Thank you!

September’s NPHC Membership Meeting:

The September NPHC Membership meeting will be held on Saturday September 10th at approximately 5:30 PM, depending on when the last class is finished. Meeting time varies depending on how the show is running and is usually held 30 minutes after the last class on Saturday.

This is NPHC’s Annual Business Meeting and will cover topics from 2017 Officer Elections to the Pot-Luck Dinner and the Exhibitor Appreciation Saddle drawing.  Don’t miss this important meeting.

September’s Pot-Luck Dinner & the Exhibitor Appreciation Saddle drawing:

The September Pot-Luck Dinner will be held immediately after the membership meeting that will be held on Saturday September 10th

The club will provide the main dish, bread, plates, silverware, etc. If you want to bring something to share, please bring a side dish or dessert.

The Exhibitor Appreciation drawing will happen during the dinner. This is the drawing for the Bonanza Inn & Casino’s Saddle and other great prizes. The drawing tickets were issued when you entered classes at the NPHC shows, with a bonus ticket for your NPHC membership. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! See you there.

The application for the 1st Annual NPHC Trail Ride for Fun at Washoe Lake State Park scheduled for September 24th, 2016, is now available.  To guarantee your steak lunch, your application with payment must be received by the end of the September NPHC show on September 11, 2016.

Plan to have your horses saddled and ready to ride at 9 am. The ride will last until 12:30pm. Lunch for those with reservations (paid $10 donation) will be ready at 1 pm. Both your reservations and your donation for lunch is due by the end of the September NPHC show in Fallon. All food reservations/donations received after that will be on a first come/first served lunch basis, while the food lasts.

This will be a Poker Ride, Five (5) cards and Jokers will be used for something special. More details to follow on all activities.

Contact David Ruby, Roy Bock, or Sharon Avery for more information.

Contact Roy if you want the Ride Application, Ride Info flyer, Washoe Lake State Park brochure, and/or the Trail map.

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