NPHC Blast #1: June NPHC Show paperwork 06152017

Hi everyone.  It’s been busy:  three show weekends in a row to get the season started, Callen’s had surgery for foxtails in his mouth (but he should be healed enough to make the first Fallon show), and lots of other things.

I have entries from some of you.  I have heard from Greer,  Spinuzzi,  Brown,  Rock,  Carter family (welcome back!!),  Tasker/Laplace,  Martin,  and Rice.  If you are not listed here and please contact me or resend your entry(s).

Don’t forget to reservce yout sralls with Sharon Avery.  Don’t forget to send payment with your form, especially if you are asking for extra shavings or hay.  If you want hay or extra shavings, please get that request to Sharon by next Tuesday or Wednesday to ensure that she buys what you need or have requested.  The price of the hay has yet to be determined or I just haven’t been told.

Patterns have been requested from the judges and are slowly coming in.  I have Showmanship so far.

THANK YOU to the Bonanza Inn & Casino-Super 8 Motel has again agreed to be our host hotel and will once again sponsor the Exhibitor Appreciation program and the Saddle that will be awarded in September.

Please find attached the June NPHC show cover, class list, stall reservation form, and an entry blank (See “Shows” page on the NPHC Web Site ).

Also, Please remember to fully complete the entry form, especially your membership, horse ownership, and individual exhibitor information.  APHA plans to really crack down on us allowing incomplete entries or not-qualified people to show.

Please contact me if you have additional questions or needs, or if you want to be removed from this email list.  Have a great day and see you soon, Roy

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