September Show and Reminders

Remember that the September NPHC show in Fallon is the mandatory awards show. You have to show to qualify and individual classes for year-end awards. You have to qualify those classes you need to qualify for any high point awards as well.

The September NPHC show in Fallon is the Show Manager Appreciation show. Tell Kerri Ruby “Thank you!!!” when you see her. Remember that Sharon Avery is still working hard in the background, so take a moment to tell her “Thank you!!!” when you see her also.

Any extra shavings, hay, or special stall requests need to be to Sharon by Wednesday, so that those can be taken care of Thursday morning.

The NPHC Membership meeting will be held Saturday evening about 30 minutes after the show. The Exhibitor Appreciation Saddle from the Bonanza Inn & Casino will be given away to one lucky exhibitor. Remember that the saddle giveaway will be a certificate towards ordering the saddle of your choice, so you can even add in some extra money and buy the saddle of your dreams 🙂

Pizza will be served, but extras to go with it can be brought to the meeting.

Several items to be discussed at the meeting include the 2nd Annual NPHC Trail Ride for Fun, to be held at Washoe Lake State Park on October 7th, starting at 8am. Be ready for a day of riding, fun with friends, and some great food. Once again, here is your September NPHC in Fallon show paperwork needs.  Please get those stall reservations and shavings/hay requests into Sharon as soon as possible, at least by Wednesday. Stalls will be bedded with extra shavings and hay on Thursday. Please let me know if you have any questions or needs, Roy
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