2017 NPHC year-end points v4.0 through September

Please review the newest updated version of the NPHC Year-end points through the September show.  It is marked 9/26/2017 and is version 4.0.

All points shown will qualifiy for year-end awards per the 2017 NPHC awards rules for membership, meetings, judges and points earned. As Horses/Exhibitors no longer qualify are dropped off the list.

The 2017 NPHC year-end awards rules can be found in your club directory or online at www.nevadapainthorseclub.org

The 2017 NPHC points will be final on October 31.  Please check your points and let me know if you see any problems, especially
with the ½ point rule. Email Roy at rbock@oasisol.com

Please let me know if you see any problems, want something checked, or have any questions, Roy

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