October Newsletter

Hello NPHC Membership,,

Here is the October NPHC Newsletter and packet of information.. Please find enclosed your 201 8 Officer ballot((ss)) , 2018 NPHC Membership form,, 201 8 NPHC Membership Directory ad page,, and this newsletter..

Your special year – end awards requests are due to Sharon by November 25 th .

The NPHC Year – end awards banquet is returning to the President’s Day weekend in 2017.. Mark your calendar and plan to attend on February 19,, 201 8 . More information is coming and the reservation form will be out in January 201 8 .

Everyone who attended the 2 nd Annual NPHC Trail Ride for Fun in Octo ber had a great time.. The ride qualifies to be recognized b y APHA as an Official APHA Ride.. Plans are in the works for the 3 rd Annual ride in 201 8 . Contact Roy or David for more information..

Year – end points should go final soon.. Everyone has enough qualifying meetings,, so there are no plans for an additional me mbership meeting in November , unless someone has a request for or need for an additional meeting . Remember that special year – end awards requests are due to Sharon by November 25 th .

Enclosed are NPHC ballots for 201 8 Officers.. Please take the time to complete your ballot and return it to Roy by November 15 th . Make sure to consider the person that you think has contributed the most to NPHC in 201 7 and put their name on the line to nominate th em for the NPHC M ost Appreciated Member..

All of the forms can be return mailed together.. Please take the time to vote.. Contact me if you have questions , conce rns,, or need more information..

Have a great day,, Roy

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