Our condolences go out to Carol and her family…

Some of you have heard, but here are more details.

On Friday July 27, Carol & I traveled from Fallon to New Plymouth, Idaho.  Carol’s sister-in-law Diana Heffley was arranging a surprise 50th Birthday party for her spouse Paul, who is Carol’s brother.  Shortly after we arrived, we learned the Diana wasn’t feeling well.  She has had a series of medical issues that led to a Kidney transplant four years ago.  Everyone was sure that she had just been overdoing it and had too much sun on Thursday.  Late in the afternoon, Diana wasn’t feeling any better and Paul took her to the Emergency Room.  She was quickly taken in and while being examined, she became unresponsive and collapsed.  After almost a half hour of CPR the doctors were unable to revive her.  The weekend was not at all what it was meant to be.

Our current plan is to prep the SRPHC Idaho show as quickly as we can to allow Carol to return to Idaho by Friday.  For the most part, the Fallon NPHC show is up and running.

Our phone is answered 24 hours a day by either a person or the machine.  If you get the machine, please leave a message so that we can get back to you.   If you call and it rings and rings and you never get the machine, it most likely means we are on the phone with someone.  Wait a while and call back.

Additionally, while in Idaho, we attended the Funeral Service for Lyle Wonderlich.  The service was very well attended and it appeared that way more people came than they were expecting.


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