Updated 2018 NPHC year-end points v3.1 for August 08/24/2018

Here are the updated points for NPHC Year-end awards through the August ENPHC show.  The missing Grand/Reserve bonus points have been added in and a couple of other corrections have been made.

There are a lot of changes as some horses are not added in and other horses start to fall off of the list due to a lack of judges to be qualified for 2018 awards. As always, please write to Roy at rbock@oasisol.com if you see a problem, want something checked, or need anything explained.

I have also included the forms for September’s show.  The dates are September 8&9, 2018.  As always, we hope to see you there.  Remember that for the members still running for year-end awards, this is the mandatory 2-judge show.  You have to show in all of the classes that you want to qualify for year-end awards.

Have a great weekend, Roy

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