2019 Show dates. Mark your calendars

Mark your calendars.
NPHC Show dates for 2019

June 15-16: 4 judges NPHC Carol Brown/Lynn Titlow Memorial POR

August 3-4: 4 judges NPHC Sharon Bates/Sheila Plimpton Memorial POR

September 7- 8:4 judges in Fallon ENPHC Ken Winder Memorial POR

June has already been submitted to APHA and August & September will follow in the next couple of days. We have reserved the multi-purpose room for the appreciation dinner in August. Please remember that it is not always easy to get dates that work for EVERYONE, but this is as good as it is going to get… All of the above dates are confirmed and in the books. Please plan to join us in 2019.

More information, Updated Paperwork, and 2019 will be coming soon.

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