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Horse Talk Seminar: Save the date Oct 10

Save the date – January 18-20, 2019 for Let’s Talk… A New Perspective! The Snake River Paint Horse Club and the American Paint Horse Club Horse IQ™ present:

APHA C3 Clinicians Certification: Become an APHA Certified Clinician “Scribe Talk”: Sit on the other side and Scribe! “Show Talk”: Rulebook to Ribbons-Understanding the Rules “APHA Talk”: APHA Hot Topics—An open forum!! Bridging the gap between APHA and members “Ranch Talk”: Let’s Get Real About Ranch – Learn about the various rules and nuances with ranch classes

Presenters are: Billy Smith – APHA Executive Director David Dellin – APHA Director of Judges Chris Jeter – Multi-carded judge

Join us between Friday & Sunday for an exciting educational experience designed with you in mind!

For Hotel Reservations at the Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino, Reno Nevada.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the 2019 SRPHC Seminar. Please see the attached flyers or the SRPHC Facebook page for more information. If you have trouble with any file, have questions, need more information, desire to be removed from the email, or just need or want to talk, please feel free to contact me, Roy

Schedule and Application Forms:

SRPHC 2019 itinerary 10072018 SRPHC seminar sign up sheet 2019 10072018

SRPHC seminar sign up sheet 2019 10072018

2019 SRPHC Membership application

Updated 2018 NPHC year-end points v4 for September Oct 10

Hi Everybody, the updated 2018 NPHC Year-end Points standings through the September show are here. There are a lot of changes. As always, please write me if you see a problem, want something checked, or anything explained.

The Footnote Rules and a couple of other things Jun 16

Hi everyone. Here are the rules that were all of that fine print at the bottom of the Class list. As I said earlier, I plan to include it with the first class list of the year that will be handed out to everyone when they check in next week. I have included the 2018 NPHC Year-end Awards rules for you as well.

Also, Sharon would like to make sure that everyone understands that the Exhibitor Appreciation dinner will be held in August again this year and will stay there in the future.

As of now there will not be a potluck dinner during the NPHC meeting on Saturday unless someone wants to jump in and organize one.

We are still in search of a sponsor for the High Point Ranch Horse award for 2018. I think it is still a $125 dollar sponsorship, but you can double-check that with Sharon.

If you would like to be removed from our email list, have any questions or concerns, or need something that I have forgotten, please feel free to write me. See you at the show, Roy